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Research-cloud (Chair 14 and Faculty for Computer Science)

The cloud computing infrastructure is used by various user groups of the Faculty for Computer Science as research-tool (SOA and further projects) and research-object (Cloud Computing, IaaS, virtualization).

The Cloud infrastructure is used for the following research purposes:

  1. Providing computing capacity and software for
    • the research network "Ebenenübergreifende Beherrschung von Geschäftsprozessen", für den
    • the research network "Datenanalyse"
    • the development of a Service-Cloud
    • the research network "Scientific Computing-as-a-Service"
  2. Cloud-Computing and SaaS as a research-object.


  • December 14th, 2011
  • January 9th, 2012


  • Cluster with 19 nodes
  • 1216 Cores (AMD Opteron 6272)
  • 4864 GB RAM


  • 8,5 TFLOPS on whole cluster
  • 445 GFLOPS per node (XHPL/Intel64)
  • approximately 600 MFLOPS/W


  • Debian Linux (Host OS)
  • openNebula / OpenStack (Cloud Stack)
  • Guest OS (various Linux-OS / Windows / etc.)